About Us

In the fifties the container was invented. The inventor decided not to apply for a patent on the twist lock, the most important part.  This gave an enormous boost to world trade.

Some people thought that shipping and forwarding had now become child’s play: as easy as playing with Lego blocks.

But the day they received something like:

  • A very large detention invoice
  • A large customs claim at home or abroad
  • A difficult letter of credit
  • Cargo blocked somewhere far away
  • Unexpected rate increases
  • A general average

They changed their minds. The solution? A professional forwarder with a global outreach.

The forwarder is the architect of the supply chain but also the contractor. His strength lies in his professional and skilled staff but also in his address book. In order to serve his customers worldwide a network of reliable partners is of paramount importance.

Seatranz Forwarder BD Ltd (Joint venture in between Bangladesh and Sri-Lanka) was established in Chottagram & Dhaka in the year of 2015 with a competent team, dedicated professionals with in-depth knowledge, vast experience and proven expertise in the local LCL Consolidation and Logistics industry.

Soon after the start of the containerization the container carriers realized that the “Less Container Load” business was not their thing. As a matter of fact, the historians disagree on this point and many say that the forwarders who started to develop consolidation services were simply better at it than the carriers.

Consolidation requires flexibility, a customer-friendly attitude, an efficient organization and a reliable network of agents and container freight stations

This is exactly what Seatranz Forwarder BD Ltd develop together and which is still growing every year. The customers who are channeling their part loads/LCL through our company are enjoying a very good service and can rest assure that their customers also receive a red carpet service on the other side.

We are a leading dynamic LCL consolidation company with wide experiences in handling import & export shipments worldwide and has always strove to provide our customers with hassle-free, seamless and cost-effective solutions catering to their unique freight and transportation needs.

Our Mission

Our main mission is to contribute to the professional development and growth of the forwarding industry and to become a truly integrated company with the local and international partners from all over the world.

SEATRANZ is committed to build trusted customers relationship through quality assurance in personalized and customized service with maximum satisfaction.

Our Vission

To become a leading Transport, Freight & Logistics management service provider in the Asia-Pacific region. Our vision, mission and core values are more than just words. They are the foundation upon which we build a successful company in the international Freight forwarding & Logistics industry.